Terms & Conditions


1/ Right of admission reserved (R.O.A.R.)
2/ WrdeUp is for nice people and is about having a good time. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be ejected without refund.
3/ No admission without a valid ticket (so don’t lose it).
4/ Children up to the age of 16 can attend free of charge but you must obtain a ticket for them. Children up to the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times.
5/ Children under 16 and young adults under 18 can only enter the festival with the person who purchased their ticket i.e. their parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian. Any Under 16 ticket holders attempting to enter the festival without this person will be denied entry to the festival. For safety reasons, any persons attempting to enter the festival with a Child Ticket holder that they are not the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian for will be denied entry.
6/ Ticket holders (including all minors) give their express consent to the use of their actual or simulated likeness in connection with the production, exhibition, advertising and/or exploitation of any photos, film, video and/or audio recording of this event and/or any element thereof in any/all media throughout the world.
7/ Guests may be searched on entry to the event. If you are in possession of illegal substances you may be arrested.
8/ You will not be allowed to bring in FOOD and DRINK of any kind.
9/ As a condition of the event license Alcohol cannot be brought into the main site. There are fully licensed bars available for you.
10/ Large Bags, Picnic Hampers, Cool-box’s/Bags or similar are not permitted into the arena.
11/ The promoter reserves the right to change the line up without notification.
12/ Adult ticket’s can only be used by persons age 18 or over on day the festival starts.
13/ Under 16’s, Tickets can only be purchased by an appropriately aged adult (see below).
14/ By purchasing a Child (under 16) or Young Adult Ticket you are confirming that you are either the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian of the teen or child for whom you are purchasing.
15/ Child Ticket holders are not allowed in the arena unaccompanied at any time.
16/ Proof of age may be required for all ticket types. Please ensure that you have ID with you in case you are asked. Failure to provide such ID may result in you being asked to leave the festival.
17/ Prior written permission is needed by WrdeUp CIC Ltd to use WrdeUp tickets in any sales promotions, media, marketing, reward programmes, staff incentives, raffles, auctions or general competitions. The WrdeUp logo and any related WrdeUp artwork cannot be used without written permission of WrdeUp CIC Ltd.
18/ Admission is at Ticket Holder’s own risk. WrdeUp CIC Ltd will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the event including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles, if the cause is due to the negligence of the ticket holder or the actions of other patrons or third parties or force majeure.
19/ To protect your own safety and those of other guests, please act responsibly.
20/ You must have lots of fun, it’s the law.


1/ Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over. All Children must have a valid ticket in order to attend the event.
2/ In case of emergency please follow instructions and directions from stewards/ Security and/or other officials.
3/ We reserve the right to refuse admission or remove any person who affects the enjoyment of other visitors or affects the running of the Event.
4/ You are responsible for safeguarding your property when at the event, the organisers will have no liability for property that is lost, stolen or damaged.
5/ Please leave the venue quietly in consideration for our neighbours.
6/ Pets are not allowed within the Arena other than dogs assisting the visually impaired or registered assistance dogs.
7/ The organisers will not be held responsible if an act fails to show up.
8/ Acts are subject to change.
9/ Tickets are non-refundable.
10/ No admission to the venue without a valid ticket.
11/ Proof of age may be required.
12/ Challenge 25 will be enforced at the bar.
13/ Professional recording or transmitting by digital or other means inside the venue is strictly forbidden.
14/ As a condition of the event license NO food or drink is permitted to be brought into the arena.
15/ As a condition of the event license NO food or drink is permitted to be taken outside of the arena.
16/ As a condition of entry all bags will be searched. Drink and/or food will be confiscated and disposed of at the event entrance.
17/ Full terms and conditions are available on the website under Key Information or go to: www.wrdeup.org.uk/keyinfo

NB: Ticket holders will be issued with wristbands at the gate so they can leave and re-enter the event.

General Information / WARNING:
‐ Exposure to loud and excessive music may be damaging to your hearing.
‐ Parents are reminded that there are areas of the festival site, especially immediately in front of the stages, that are inappropriate for some people including young children.
– Also please note that some performances may contain language or material that may offend some people.
– Flashing Lights and Strobe Lighting may be used at the festival

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