10th July 2021

WrdeUp 2021 Announcement

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues both in the UK and globally, we have had to take the difficult decision once more to cancel the Wrdeup Music Festival in 2021.

The primary aim of WrdeUp is to hold a community event that is a fun, safe, family day out.  Whilst the announcement from the Government is that we will enter Step 4 on the 21st June, this is only a guidance date and could be delayed should we sadly see any spike in cases during Steps 1-3.

With potentially less than 2 weeks’ notice to finalise arrangements, it is sadly not feasible for us as an organisation to have any allowance for cancellations or last-minute changes to the regulations of putting on such an event and the WrdeUp organisers would not want to put at risk any of the community we serve with a potential local outbreak due to the Festival going ahead.

We have considered the option of running the event later in 2021 but sadly this is not possible due to the event being run by a small team of volunteers who have other commitments.

It is so very disappointing as we have been working hard on new ideas, redesigning the festival to make you as Covid safe as possible, whilst still bringing you an afternoon of family fun, food and festivities alongside some amazing live music.

We are incredibly thankful to all of you who have continued to support the Festival. Seeing the comments on social media and those made to committee members makes us realise we have such a great WrdeUp family behind us, your support gives us hope in these difficult times and we THANK YOU so very much!

Our team is a small one and we would welcome new members to the organising team (if nothing else you get a free ticket to Highworth’s biggest garden party) so please reach out to any of the team personally or make contact via our social media routes.

Stay safe WrdeUppers and we will “Rock the Rec” on 9th July 2022

Wrde Up Committee

Whilst our 2021 festival is cancelled check out our 2020 virtual festival below.

What is WrdeUp all about? Well check it out here:

Whilst were are putting this together, watch below the line up from our 2020 Virtual event and see the acts we were due to host at The Rec.

Keep an eye on our social media for announcement about 10th July 2021

Part 1 - Ukey Dukes

Part 2 - Tazmin Barnes

Part 3 - The Leon Daye Band

Part 4 - The Beat Routes

Part 5 - Joli and the Souls

Part 6 - The Roughcut Rebels

Part 7 - A Touch of Little Mix

Part 8 - One Love Orchestra

The Grand Finale Crowd Dancing Crowd 2019 WrdeUp Sign Crowd
The Grand Finale
Crowd Dancing
Crowd 2019
WrdeUp Sign
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